Understanding How Concrete Pumps Works


Anybody who works in the construction industry will deal with all types of construction materials including concrete pumps, which are really indispensable for concrete jobs.

Concrete is a durable and sturdy construction material which is almost always used whenever there is something built. A structure will either use poured concrete or concrete blocks. Concrete pumps are used to employ poured concrete. During construction, there are certain areas that are too difficult to reach, such parts of a long tunnel or the top part of a building. Concrete Pumping Melbourneis used to reach these hard to access area, in order to feed cement even from a distance.

Kinds of concrete pump

There are two kinds of concrete pumps: one is the line pump, the other is a boom pump.

A line pump is mostly used for smaller cement jobs since it is portable. They have a diesel-powered engine that is mounted on the back of a trailer or the back of a truck. A boom pump, on the other hand, are ground-based machines, usually large in size and deployed by a boom arm or crane. Boom pumps are useful for high or multi-level constructions.

Line pumps pour cement from a funnel which is pushed by a worm gear. These kinds of pumps are usually utilized to fill metal or wood forms for different kinds of structures, like slabs of concrete.

Boom pumps, on the other hand, are mounted on a truck, where mixed concrete is added in a large reservoir. The cement will be forced to an airtight chamber and up the pump, so that the liquid cement can be poured even from a distance. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete to learn more about concrete pumps.

A line pump or boom pump is usually necessary, but will depend on the requirements of a construction project. Different construction project sizes and needs will require a different kind of concrete pump. You can purchase these concrete pumps either used or brand new. Prices will vary depending on the type of concrete pump, capacity and model, but may be considerable investment.

If you do not want to invest in a concrete pump, there are many companies offering line pump hireand boom pump hire service. When looking for a reliable company to provide such services, make sure to verify the fees and charges to make sure you are getting value for your money. You can search for Melbourne concrete pumping services online, where you can also check for reviews if the company provides quality services.